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About Academik America| Academik America/about/index

Revolutionizing the Future of Education

Equipping Education to Shape Our Tomorrow

A Global Education Leader

Our goal is to ensure equitable access to high-quality education worldwide. From K-12 to higher education, and beyond, our mission is to provide education, skills, and upskilling opportunities for individuals to compete and thrive in the 21st century. Through the Academik America ecosystem, we offer diverse education solutions and programs to professionals and organizations globally. This includes corporations, governments, accreditation bodies, universities, aid organizations, and more. Operating in 90+ countries, our extensive ecosystem combines powerful technologies, efficient processes, intellectual expertise, and visionary leadership. Spanning industries, institution types, and learning requirements, our comprehensive education network stands as the world's most robust.

Academik America empowers educators

Extending worldwide, Academik America empowers educators, learners, and education for enduring effects on industry, trade, leadership, and careers. We span the full global education spectrum, encompassing research, development, regulation, and management of education and learning systems for all types of educators. Fueled by partnerships with prestigious institutions, our expertise, solutions, and initiatives transcend cultural, geographic, and economic barriers.

Our Influence

Academik America is transforming the approach to education, encompassing its creation, delivery, and utilization for advancement. Our educational offerings empower educators to perform at their peak while also fueling socio-economic progress in their countries, aiding governments in implementing transformation.

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Our Impact


While our team spearheads our endeavors here at Academik America, it's encouraging to acknowledge the perfect mix of expertise, youthful brilliance, dynamism, and ingenuity that fuels exceptional outcomes for our valued clients and partners.

Enabling Learning

Enabling Learning

Through our offerings, we empower the global adoption of an innovative educational framework. We pioneer novel approaches to enrich education, build trust, and confirm expertise by driving the growth of renowned educational institutions and credentialing organizations worldwide.

Bolstering Institutions


Educational institutions often confront complex challenges that transcend single practice domains. Each institution functions as a multifaceted ecosystem. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate and unite crucial areas, enhancing the overall efficiency of the institution. Our versatile services can be implemented at the school, campus, or system level, accompanied by comprehensive support. We are committed to collaborating closely with our clients, from identifying challenges to delivering tangible outcomes.

Enhancing Results


Amidst a swiftly evolving world, education plays a pivotal role in unlocking individuals' utmost capabilities. At Academik America, we strive to enhance educational and employment outcomes for all, advocating for equitable opportunities in societies. By offering accessible, cost-effective, and top-notch education to every person, we bridge enduring disparities in outcomes based on race, socioeconomic standing, and gender.

Contributing Positively

Contributing Positively

The Academik America Foundation spearheads our endeavors to foster joy, well-being, and security within our communities. Our commitment to social responsibility continues to grow, comprising an expanding range of community initiatives.

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