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Corporate Citizenship | The Academik America Foundation | TAAF/About/corporatecitizenship

Corporate Citizenship

The Academik America Foundation (TAAF) is a not-for-profit initiative established by Academik America, dedicated to contributing to various causes such as environmental preservation, community development in local underprivileged areas, and support for local governments and NGOs in post-disaster rehabilitation, extreme weather relief, adult education, sports development, and employability development for youth and the displaced. The foundation operates primarily through employee volunteering and special-purpose subsidies funded via grant-in-aid programs of global charity organizations.

Corporate Citizenship

TAAF implements innovative initiatives under the Academik America CSR Policy, investing funds, time, and project management efforts to deliver maximum impact to targeted communities. It supports the development of those affected by natural disasters through training, education, and local employment opportunities. TAAF provides fee subsidies to talented individuals to help them acquire education, training, and international qualifications, thereby increasing their employability. The foundation specifically emphasizes employability development, sports excellence, and community care.

Through initiatives like ASPIRE and AAROHAN, TAAF invests in the employability development of underprivileged university graduates, assisting them via subsidies in acquiring international qualifications or certifications for better job prospects in sectors such as technology, sales, and marketing.

Under the Altius program, TAAF promotes sports excellence by encouraging youth to participate in sports and providing financial support for training and competitions for talented sportspersons. The foundation has sponsored mountaineering expeditions and supported young athletes in national and international competition

Corporate Citizenship

TAAF extends its support to community care initiatives, including healthcare programs, adult literacy initiatives, seasonal employment, micro-entrepreneurship, and special education for rural women in India. It also organizes campaigns to provide essential winter items to needy families in the country. TAAF works to ensure the safety, security, health, and development of underprivileged children, with a special focus on girls and those with special needs in rural and semi-urban areas. The foundation commits to collaborating with other agencies working toward similar causes and deploys special teams to assist in disaster-affected areas, organizing long-term training, education, and job camps for affected populations.

For inquiries and more information, please contact our program team.

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