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Partner with Us to Maximize Education's Impact | Academik America/Partnership/index

Let's Fuel Education Collectively…

Partner with Academik America to Maximize Education's Impact

Explore Ways You Can Partner with Us

Academik America solutions tap into the expertise of prominent educators, education research organizations, regulators, certifiers, and education advocates worldwide. These partnerships enable tailored solutions precisely suited to the distinct contexts, educational goals, and learning requirements of geographically diverse client organizations. Notably, Academik America's collaboration with initiatives like the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) for exclusive partnerships exemplifies such alliances.

University and Higher-Ed Partnerships

University and Higher-Ed Collaborations

Academik America forges alliances with renowned universities and higher education establishments worldwide. These partnerships extend exceptional education to untapped regions across the globe, expanding access to top-tier learning opportunities. Our collaboration with higher education institutions encompasses diverse initiatives, such as executive education program creation and management, establishment of on-campus International CoEs, and development of novel degree programs. For further details, .

Partnerships for Accreditation

As the global education market expands annually, the rising number of education providers intensifies competition, making the quality of educational offerings crucial for institutional success in a challenging market. Academik America collaborates with top-tier accreditation bodies to assist institutions in showcasing their dedication to delivering quality education recognized worldwide. Accreditation bodies providing accreditation for PreK-12 to higher education are invited to to join our network.

Accreditation Partnerships

Partnerships for Credentialing

Academik America's Credentialing Partner Network comprises many prominent certification bodies. We collaborate with both major and niche credentialing organizations to disseminate industry-specific knowledge through certifications. Our partners offer credentials covering various domains such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Talent Management, Business Strategy, Finance, and beyond! Credentialing organizations interested in joining our network are invited to .

  • Global Education Partnerships

    Global Education Partnerships

    Academik America collaborates with educational institutions in over 90 countries worldwide. Our network includes PreK-12 schools, private/public universities, business schools, and other educational entities. Together with our partners, we provide essential education solutions to those who require them the most. for further information.

  • Partnerships for Training

    Partnerships for Training

    Alongside credentialing institutions, Academik America forms strategic alliances with training providers. These partners deliver diverse training solutions recognized by prominent credentialing bodies worldwide to governments, businesses, and organizations. Training partners hold licenses to promote, provide, and manage vertical-specific training programs. For inquiries on becoming a training partner for qualifications and credentials, .

  • Distribution Partnerships

    Global Distribution Partnerships

    Delivering education, certifications, and knowledge solutions to 90+ countries demands local and regional partnerships for effective distribution and delivery. To become a distribution partner for a specific country or region, .

Join our Franchise Network

Academik America's Franchise Network plays a significant role in expanding education opportunities worldwide. Local and regional Licensed Franchisees play a crucial role in expanding our knowledge solutions into various diverse markets. As a franchisee, you'll contribute to the growth and fortification of Academik America's educational advantage, providing high-quality education and knowledge. Be an essential part of our business expansion by becoming an Academik America license holder today! to get started.

Global Initiatives

Worldwide Initiatives

Academik America enables diverse global programs, including the World Data Science Initiative, to operate. These initiatives aim to establish and expand groups of highly skilled and employable professionals in various specializations. For instance, the World Data Science Initiative aims to form a network of over 200 education institutions worldwide, dedicated to developing a talent pool of 250,000 Data Science professionals by 2025. With over $300 million in subsidies, WDSI supports education institutions in achieving this goal. To participate in this initiative, .

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