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Academik America Global Initiatives | Education Management/initiatives/index

Simplifying Institutional Growth

Unparalleled Initiatives to Enhance Educators' Capabilities

Academik America's distinct initiatives enable educational institutions to swiftly and cost-effectively embrace and implement global best practices. These initiatives influence higher, K-12, and STEM education providers and regulators worldwide. Academic institutions in developing countries have the chance to obtain accreditation for delivering education in crucial technology disciplines. Additional Academik America initiatives facilitate collaboration between institutions and their more seasoned global counterparts, providing opportunities for student certification on global standards.

Empowering education in the 21st century involves enhancing agility and outcome-focused operations of educational delivery and regulation institutions. Academik America pioneers unique global initiatives in the field of education, enabling inorganic growth through networking, outreach, collaboration, and rapid capability acquisition.

  • Transformation to World-class Institutions

    Fast, Cost-effective Transformation to World-class Institutions

    The world's pioneering initiatives of their kind, Academik America initiatives provide emerging country universities with unprecedented chances to gain global accreditation and swiftly develop programs in new disciplines. Within months, institutions acquire capabilities at subsidized costs, enabling them to recoup expenses within a year through savings and new revenue streams.

  • Accelerating Institutions with the State-of-the-art

    Accelerating Institutions with the State-of-the-art

    Academik America initiatives are driven by transformative collaborations in impactful education enhancement and advocacy missions, both national and international. Geared towards raising educational standards to global levels, they offer up-to-date programs and standards-aligned curricula in emerging disciplines like data science and artificial intelligence.

  • Aiding Institution Globalization and Networking

    Aiding Institution Globalization and Networking

    Academik America's global initiatives facilitate the expansion of emerging institutions beyond national borders. This opens avenues for enhanced learning and collaboration. Participating institutions benefit from the presence of global certification authorities on their campuses, resulting in rapid advancements in education quality and effectiveness.

Accessing Global Leadership Expertise…

Academik America initiatives enable participating institutions to learn from and collaborate with renowned and most widely adopted knowledge standards and frameworks in crucial disciplines. Through exclusive partnerships with renowned global credentialing authorities like Data Science Council of America (DASCA), United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), The Strategy Institute (TSI), Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA), Talent Management Institute (TMI), Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA), and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA), we provide unparalleled opportunities for institutions to tap into worldwide expertise.

  • Data Science Council of America
  • Central Blockchain Council of America
  • United States Private Equity Council
  • Investment Banking Council of America
  • Talent Management Institute
  • Artificial Intelligence Board of America
  • The Strategy Institute

Academic Affiliation Drive

Academik America is actively engaged in academic affiliation endeavors with globally recognized knowledge leaders across disciplines at many institutions. Over 500 institutions, identified for their high potential, are poised to make a significant impact through academic affiliation. Leveraging strong relationships with esteemed certification and standards bodies, Academik America facilitates university affiliations, collaborations, and associations in areas such as talent management, data science, artificial intelligence, private equity, and investment banking.

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Academic Affiliation Drive

Center of Excellence Drive

Academik America's CoE initiative has identified 300+ institutions as high-potential candidates. Collaborating on multiple projects, including World Bank-funded endeavors, Academik America assists institutions in utilizing their existing infrastructure to swiftly launch a Center of Excellence. Institutions can then organically or inorganically expand the CoE. Leveraging partnerships with global subsidy initiatives like WDSI, Academik America facilitates the establishment of excellence centers in cutting-edge disciplines such as data science, blockchain, artificial intelligence, talent management, and strategy.

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Tech Education Initiative

Tech Education Initiative

Academik America prioritizes empowering higher education institutions to provide state-of-the-art technology education in emerging platforms and technologies. Our data science, AI, and blockchain initiative is currently preparing over 80 participating institutions for delivering world-class education based on globally recognized knowledge standards. These institutions receive accreditation through the World Data Science Initiative's (WDSI) subsidy program, and many of them are also involved in Academik America's Center of Excellence initiative.

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K-12 Advancement in Academik America

K-12 Advancement

As an innovative Academik America initiative, the K-12 Advancement program aims to uplift 800+ schools in 43 emerging economies to international standards in pre-college education. Education Policy Institute fuels the drive with frontier learning and institution management models. Participating K-12 schools receive support in attaining global accreditation, that optimizes their efficiency, compliance, and the efficacy of decision-making within K-12 educational systems and procedures.

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Data Science for Schools in Academik America

Data Science for Schools

Bringing data science to K-12 schools aligns with Academik America's mission to revolutionize tomorrow's leaders. Engaging over 2000 schools globally, including those involved in the K-12 and STEM excellence initiatives, this program offers thrilling contests, events, and certifications in various data science and artificial intelligence domains for high-school students. The Data Science for K-12 initiative aims to introduce modern technologies like data science and AI to K-12 schools worldwide, transforming the way children prepare for their careers and future.

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Student Certification Drive

This initiative of Academik America impacts 15,000+ students globally. Expanding further, it will reach 60+ countries, enabling higher education institutions to certify students in diverse disciplines at steeply reduced costs. Certifying students on global standards from leading credentialing bodies enhances employability, addressing gaps where university programs may fall short.

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STEM Advancement Drive

STEM Advancement Drive

At Academik America, we prioritize equipping learners with essential resources and skills to thrive in today's knowledge economy fueled by scientific and technological advancements. To excel in this information-based society, students must attain higher levels of STEM proficiency. This necessitates an educational shift, emphasizing STEM literacy and readiness for all. Teaching and learning should transcend isolated facts, embracing a transdisciplinary approach that empowers students to address real-world challenges impacting their communities and the world.

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