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Academik America Forays into Certification & Accreditation/newsroom/index

Press Release

Academik America Forays into Certification & Accreditation

January 10, 2024
Academik America Forays into Certification & Accreditation

Academik America is now expanding into this super-specialized space of professional certification and accreditation. Academik America expects this new vertical to add several new segments of enterprise and institutional clients, while equipping itself with the resources to add tremendous value to its existing educational and business clients.

The professional certification and licensing portfolio will now include a wide range of business and supply-chain services designed for global certification agencies, accreditation bodies, and large global organizations having their own internal employee certification mechanisms. Though still a slightly niche industry, Professional certification is well-massed now, being the driving force behind the next generation of education, training, and capacity building worldwide. This space is steadily getting stronger and more robust, with the demand for certifications rising among employers and professionals. This has compounded with the emergence of new industries and employee functions that require new sets of skills and knowledge bases backed by neutral, independent mechanisms of competence validation.

Academik America’s recent alliances with top professional bodies will allow it to rapidly position itself as an integrated professional certification service provider for top-tier bodies. This move brings with it many large global clients as well. “We are thrilled to announce the addition of advanced services to our portfolio. This new chapter enables us to enhance the value and quality of education we offer to people worldwide, which is great news,” said Aariya Goel, Managing Director – North America & Emerging Markets for Academik America.

For all the professional certification bodies under its fold, Academik America will now manage all front and back-end business operations, including logistics, customer experience management, publishing, testing, billing, and invoicing.

About Academik America

Academik America is a global education leader revolutionizing access to high-quality education worldwide. Our mission is to empower individuals from K-12 to higher education and beyond with the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in the 21st century. We collaborate with educational institutions and businesses around the world, providing them with diverse education solutions tailored to their needs. Our education network combines technological expertise and innovative leadership, making us one of the world's most robust ecosystems.

Partnering with leading institutions, we span the entire education spectrum, driving lasting effects on the industry. By transforming education in its design and delivery, we enable educators and governments to implement effective strategies that enhance educational outcomes and strengthen the workforce. We are committed to equitable opportunities and bridging disparities in education based on socioeconomic standing. Academik America is here to assist with your educational requirements. Join us in shaping the future of education.

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