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Academik America Enhances Credentialing Solutions with the Acquisition of CredBadge/newsroom/index

Press Release

Academik America Enhances Credentialing Solutions with the Acquisition of CredBadge

Feb 12, 2024
Academik America Enhances Credentialing Solutions with the Acquisition of CredBadge

Academik America, a prominent provider of educational resources and credentialing solutions, has acquired CredBadge, a leading digital credentialing platform.

Digital badges are authenticated virtual representations of individuals' successful skill development, project completion, or educational milestones. The acquisition of CredBadge underscores Academik America's commitment to maintaining high standards of services and solutions.

Powered by technological expertise and innovative leadership, Academik America's education network forms one of the world's most robust educational ecosystems. The recent acquisition of CredBadge strategically positions Academik America to meet the evolving needs of the new age of education that must be efficient, effective, and sustainable.

"CredBadge's expertise and technology align perfectly with our mission to empower individuals and organizations through education and credentialing," said Aariya Goel, Managing Director and the leader of Global Initiatives at Academik America. "This acquisition enables us to enhance our credentialing solutions by integrating CredBadge's innovative platform, thereby providing users with a robust and streamlined experience for validating and showcasing their skills."

Positioned as a leader in education innovation, Academik America is transforming the industry through pioneering architecture, services, and solutions. CredBadge's secure and proprietary technology enhances Academik America's vision by creating inventive methods for validating competency and empowering students to acquire the skills essential for sustainable success in today's dynamic landscape.

This acquisition marks a milestone for Academik America as it expands its offerings and solidifies its position as a leader in education and credentialing.

About Academik America

Academik America is recognized globally as a leader in education, pioneering a revolution in the accessibility of high-quality learning opportunities worldwide. Our ecosystem is dedicated to advancing global education initiatives through a resilient digital infrastructure and an extensive network of global partners. At our core, we are committed to empowering individuals across the educational spectrum, from K-12 education to higher education and beyond, equipping them with essential skills and opportunities for success in the 21st century.

Our initiatives encompass a wide range of activities, including reducing barriers to market entry, nurturing intellectual talent, establishing educational standards, conducting research, and developing assessments and educational content. By leveraging innovative methodologies and efficient management practices, we enable institutions worldwide to deliver exceptional education experiences. Through partnerships with renowned institutions, we cover the full spectrum of education, driving lasting impacts within the industry.

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